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Shana Tova

We at the Public Forum for Youth Villages and Boarding school wish you a Happy and successful New Year

  as well as many more years of social and fruitful philanthropic work.


As the great educator Janusz Korczak said:

He who cares for days, sows wheat

He who cares for years, plants trees

He who cares for generations, educates people.


 In the spirit of this, the Public Forum believes that in order to significantly influence the nature of domestic education in Israel and future generations,

we must sow the seeds, plant the trees, and lead education a few steps forward.

The Forum's active partnership in policy promotion and leading projects in Israeli society also led to its success in promoting its vision of ensuring the best possible

response to students and graduates of youth villages.


 The Forum has been working intensively in collaborations with many political and social parties to advance its goals for

youth village's students and graduates.

 The youth that is the future generation of the State of Israel.



Shana Tova


 One of the main goals of the Forum this year and for the years to come will be to open the gates of academy. for young teens studying in youth villages


This is part of the Public Forum's strategy of promoting social mobility and showing that academic education is an important engine in enabling this mobility.

We initiated ventures and collaborations with a number of higher education institutions, including Tel Aviv University and Ono Academic College.


Our main goal is: The integration of many trainees and graduates into academic settings.

We believe that education is freedom. Freedom to dare. Freedom to succeed. Freedom to dream. Freedom to fulfill.


Shana Tova,


 the Israeli Public Forum Youth Villages and Boarding Schools